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Where can I obtain additional information?

In May 2015 EPA released the Guidance on Considering Environmental Justice During the Development of an Action. It provides information to rule-writers and decision-makers on when to consider EJ during the Action Development Process, as well as the questions to ask during the process.

In May 2014 the EPA released a new chapter in the Guidelines for Preparing Economic Analyses, Chapter 10: Environmental Justice, Children's Environmental Health and Other Distributional Consideration. The chapter discusses how to consider EJ, children's environmental health and other factors in economic analyses conducted for economically significant rules. Developed to assist EPA economists, the chapter provides an overview of Executive Orders, policies, and other directives that discuss how benefits and impacts of a regulatory action may be distributed across various groups, summarizes relevant economic literature, defines key population groups, offers a suite of methods that can be used to describe distributional effects, and presents emerging issues related to the use of inequality indices.

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