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For clean-up and migration of data, how do we meet the requirement for a ?learning concept,? since we already know what to do and just need to have assistance in having the work done?

Under the statutory authority which governs the work proposed under this solicitation (and the associated CFDA), the "learning concept" is required due to the following: Demonstrations must involve new or experimental technologies, methods, or approaches, where the results of the project will be disseminated so that others can benefit from the knowledge gained in the demonstration project.  A project that is accomplished through the performance of routine, traditional, or established practices, or a project that is simply intended to carry out a task rather than transfer information or advance the state of knowledge, however worthwhile the project might be, is not considered a demonstration project. Implementation activities are not eligible for funding under this announcement. Simply doing "routine" clean-up and maintenance of the dataâ€, and not being able to share the results of your project task(s) so other's may benefit and/or gain knowledge, is not an activity that is supported under this solicitation.  If you review the portion of the slide presentation titled, "Scope/Permissible Funding Areas for 2010" (p.5), you will see that all the project activities listed would allow any applicant the ability to incorporate the "learning concept" in their project scope.
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