Frequent Questions

What is EPA's approach going to be regarding states that already provide e-reporting for their NPDES permit holders?

EPA will allow states to continue to manage their e-reporting system as long as it meets the minimum standards set forth in the proposed rule and signature requirements (40 CFR parts 3 and 122.22).  If there is deficiency in the state electronic reporting system or NPDES permit, the regulated entity should report to both the state, tribal, or territorial permitting authority (if hard-copy paper reporting is required in the permit) and EPA (electronic reporting compliant with 40 CFR 3, 122.22, 127) during this transition period .  EPA will work with the Director of the authorized NPDES program to remediate all issues identified by EPA that prevent the authorized NPDES program from being the initial recipient. When all issues identified by EPA are resolved and the authorized state, tribe, or territory is again the initial recipient, EPA will update the initial recipient listing on its website.


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