Frequent Questions

How does EPA assist in the resolution of enforcement-related disputes?

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a tool used by EPA which enhances the negotiation process. ADR may assist parties in resolving their disputes quickly and efficiently through mediation or other methods and the use of an objective third party or neutral.

EPA encourages the use of ADR techniques to prevent and resolve disputes with external parties (e.g., state agencies, industry, environmental advocacy groups) in many contexts, including:

  • adjudications,
  • rulemaking,
  • policy development,
  • administrative and civil judicial enforcement actions,
  • permit issuance,
  • protests of contract awards,
  • administration of contracts and grants,
  • stakeholder involvement,
  • negotiations, and
  • litigation. 

For more information on ADR, visit EPA’s alternative dispute resolution website.

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