Frequent Questions

How Can You Work With Communities?

EPA's Regional Coordinators have suggested a number of communication techniquesfor working with all communities but especially low income and culturally diverse communities:

Listen to what is said;

  • Take the community seriously. If you hear from a community resident that there is a problem, listen and see if you can help;
  • Make use of facilitators when groups bring a problem to a local meeting;
  • Identify and work with informal networks;
  • Get out early and talk with your community members;
  • Work with the media cognizant of the specific community in which you are seeking information;
  • Recognize that culturally diverse citizens are frequently not members of national environmental organizations and may need to be contacted through other more local means;
  • Hold workshops with local community leaders;
  • Build bridges for long term planning changes;
  • Be sensitive to working with culturally diverse groups. Each culture sees the issue differently; and
  • Involve both four year and two year academic institutions near the community, especially the Tribal Colleges, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), and institutions which serve Hispanic students and Asian students.
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