Frequent Questions

Why is this Proposed Rule beneficial?

EPA anticipates that the Proposed Rule will save money for states, tribes, and territories as well as EPA and NPDES permittees, while resulting in a more complete, accurate, and nationally-consistent set of data about the NPDES program.

Other anticipated benefits for the Proposed Rule include:

  • Efficiencies and reduced costs of processing paper forms
  • Improved quality and accuracy of the data available to regulatory agencies and the public,
  • More timely and expanded use of the data to identify, target, and address problems,
  • Quicker availability of the data for use, and increased accessibility and transparency of the data to the public

These benefits should allow NPDES-authorized programs in states, tribes, and territories to shift precious resources from data management activities to those more targeted to solving water quality and noncompliance issues. This in turn will contribute to increased compliance, improved water quality, and a level playing field for the regulated community.

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