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If I have an MGP (Master General Permit) condition that states, "within 30 days of the GPCF effective date they must?," how do I track this?

Create a date-based Narrative Condition for the Master General Permit.

When you add a Non-Recurring event, there is an option to enter the "Scheduled Date" or a "Relative Schedule Month Offset." GPCFs can have different effective dates, so the scheduled date for each covered facility could vary.

The "Relative Schedule Month Offset" allows you to enter the number of months after the effective date on which this schedule event is due. For instance, the General Permit is effective in 2007 and the narrative condition is entered with a Relative Schedule Month Offset = 1 (1 month). You can copy the narrative condition, and ICIS will automatically add one month from the effective date for the scheduled date on the GPCF. Then the GPCF effective date is on 5/1/2009 and the narrative condition scheduled date is set to one month later, due 6/1/2009.

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