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It takes forever to open files on my computer. I?ve been advised by technical support to clear the cache. How do I clear the cache on my computer?

There are two places where you may need to clear the cacheFollowing are instructions on how to clear the cache for the Internet Explorer browser and, how to clear the Java cache.

A. Clear your Browser Cache for Internet Explorer:

For Internet Explorer, follow these instructions:
1. In the drop-down top menu navigate as follows:
Select Tools 

3. Select Internet Options
4. Then select <Delete > in the Browsing History Section
5. On the Delete Browsing History screen <Delete files> under Temporary Internet Files

B. Steps Needed to Clear the Java Cache

There are times when the Java Query Panel won’t load on the client, clearing the java cache may resolve the issue:

1. Open the Java Control Panel by looking in your PC's Control Panel or by double clicking the Java icon in your system tray
2. Click on Start > Control Panel > Java
3. On the "General" tab click the "Settings" button. Click "Delete Files". 



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