Frequent Questions

I am a federal or State employee and would like to access comprehensive data on enforcement and compliance. Where should I go?

Online Targeting Information System (OTIS) OTIS is a secure system available to any government agency employee interested in Enforcement and Compliance data. OTIS is not available to the public, but it is used by government employees in many environmental program offices.

OTIS provides a viable, easy-to-use alternative to ICIS to get detailed enforcement and compliance information. OTIS integrates ICIS data with information from other databases and has easy-to-use, menu driven reporting capabilities.

OTIS provides Permit Compliance System (PCS) management reports, ICIS case reports, detailed facility reports, mapping capabilities, and several other reporting formats. OTIS has an integrated error tracking system which allows users to identify potential data quality issues.

The enforcement and compliance data in OTIS are updated on a monthly basis, so they typically are not quite as current as the data in ICIS.

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