Frequent Questions

Why are the statutes/sections different between Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement?  Shouldn't they be the same?

The decision to have different statutory sections was made because the statutory basis is different for compliance monitoring versus enforcement. The list of statutes/sections for the compliance monitoring module were included in ICIS based on:

  • the specific authority in the environmental statutes (e.g., CAA, CWA, etc.) that enable EPA and the States to conduct inspections, evaluations, investigations, off-site record reviews and information requests
  • providing the ability to the Regions to specify the statutory sections inspected, evaluated or monitored
  • the recognition that there is no presumption that violations of statutory provisions exist when these activities are being conducted

In contrast, the list of statutes/sections in the enforcement module is based on the statutes/sections of the law that the regulated entity has violated or is alleged to have violated.

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