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What are the required elements for posting to the Share community?

There are five required elements:
Use of ICIS Disclaimer: A disclaimer to notify ICIS users that the report has been created outside of the ICIS review process. Directly below the title of the Report a secondary title box will be included with the following disclaimer: “ *** NOT ICIS CERTIFIED*** 

Report naming convention: The name of the “saved†document this can be but may not always be the name in the “Title Box†in the report. The report is saved initially as a “Personal Documentâ€, the report developer will then need to request the report to be posted (this is explained in step #). All reports must begin with the three character user id. For example if user XYZ from New York is saving a report for penalty cases for 2007 the report would be saved as “XYZ Admin Cases for 2008â€.

Report description: When saving the report the description box is to be used and must contain a very detailed and easy to understand description of the report, including prompts displayed and data fields displayed on the report. An example below shows the naming convention and description box. It is important to use a detailed description because this box will be copied into the “Share Community List†spreadsheet.

Do not Refresh on Open: Refresh on open will NOT be checked. Reports in this environment are being saved for others to view it is best if the report opens without execution. To view data you must refresh the report.

Purge the Data: Due to the large number of reports that are to be saved into the shared community it is required that the data be purged before saving to this environment. Reports can be quite large and saving the data will take up a great deal of disk space.

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