Frequent Questions

What are some of the new features in BO XI 3.1?

  The new BO XI 3.1 features include the following enhancements:

·         If the number of rows returned to a report are greater than 65K, the data will be exported to one excel file, spanning across multiple worksheets.

·         Web Intelligence now features a search function for objects in the universe.

·         There is now an auto save feature that will save the user’s report if they time out of Web Intelligence.

·         The ability to create Optional Prompts for Web Intelligence reports allowing prompts that don’t require input if the user doesn’t wish to filter on that selection.

·         Users can now “Track Data Changes”. When a report is refreshed, the changed (added , deleted or changed) data will be indicated by text color.

·         Data can now be exported to CSV format in addition to PDF and Excel.

·         The Web Intelligence Rich Client allows the user to work offline, there is no issue with timing out, and the user can add data from external files (excel or text) to the report.


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