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What is the Environmental Justice Executive Management Council?

The Environmental Justice Executive Management  Council (EJ EMC) is the senior policy and leadership body for EPA’s  Environmental Justice (EJ) Program. It  promotes Agency actions that enhance the protection of the environment and  public health in minority, low-income, tribal or other disproportionately  burdened communities through the integration of environmental justice in all  programs, policies, and activities. The  EJ EMC, formerly known as the Environmental Justice Executive Steering Committee, was created in 2002 to identify critical  issues, explores policy options, determines priorities, and ensures  implementation of key activities within all program offices and regions. Composed of Deputy Assistant Administrators  and Deputy Regional Administrators, the EJ EMC maintains strong, active  representation from all programs and regions.  The EJ EMC members’ oversight and management activities are staffed by  an EJ Coordinator or other designees in their Program or Region.
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