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What are the possible violations under the statute?

Violations of GLPS may constitute unlawful acts under FIFRA. Under section 12(a)(2)(M) it is unlawful to knowingly falsify all or part of any application for registration, application for experimental use permit, any information submitted to the Administrator pursuant to section 7, any records required to be maintained pursuant to this Act, any report filed under this Act, or any information marked as confidential and submitted to the Administrator under any provision of this Act to be submitted to EPA or of records required to be maintained. Under section 12(a)(2)(Q) of FIFRA it is unlawful to falsify all or part of any information relating to the testing of any pesticide (or any ingredient, metabolite, or degradation product thereof), including the nature of any protocol, procedure, substance, organism, or equipment used, observation made, or conclusion or opinion formed, submitted to the Administrator, or that the person knows will be furnished to the Administrator, or will become a part of any records required to be maintained by this Act. Under section 12(a)(2)(R) of FIFRA it is unlawful to submit to the Administrator data known to be false in support of a registration. Finally, it is unlawful under FIFRA section 12(a)(2)(B)(I) of FIFRA to refuse to prepare, maintain or submit any records required by or under sections 5, 7, 8, 11, or 19.
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