Frequent Questions

What happens if I cannot correct my violations and certify compliance in the timeframes provided in the eDisclosure system?

Regulated entities should make every effort to correct their violations as expeditiously as practicable, within the maximum time periods provided for in the eDisclosure system. The Compliance Certification is ordinarily due within 60 days of submitting an initial online Audit Policy disclosure (or within 90 days for Small Business Compliance Policy disclosures). No extensions will be granted for Category 1 violations (e., disclosed EPCRA violations must be corrected within 60 days under the Audit Policy and 90 days under the Small Business Compliance Policy). If the submitter of a Category 1 disclosure requests an extension to correct, the disclosure will automatically become a Category 2 disclosure. For Category 2 violations, the initial correction extension periods of 30 days for Category 2 Audit Policy disclosures and 90 days for Category 2 Small Business Compliance Policy disclosures do not require an explanation and are considered granted at the time the discloser makes the request in the eDisclosure system. Any further extension requests require a justification and are not considered granted or denied at the time of the request.

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