Frequent Questions

Can a foreign establishment now submit their own establishment report, or does an authorized agent still need to do that?

YES, foreign establishments can submit their own establishment report to EPA through SSTS. Foreign establishments will need to register for CDX following the steps on Electronic Reporting for Pesticide Establishments. The only difference is foreign establishments will need to choose to sign a Paper Electronic Signature Agreement (ESA).

Once you have received your Confirmation email follow the link in the email and log back in you will be prompted with this page:

Choose to Sign the Paper Form (circled above).

Once you have printed and signed the Paper ESA (scanned copies and photocopies are not accepted) mail it to the appropriate EPA Regional Coordinator where the Company headquarters is located.

When mailing Paper ESA include “Paper ESA” in first line of address box:

Example:  EPA Regional Coordinator Name (Paper ESA)
              Branch Name (Mail Code)
              Mailing Address Line 1
              Mailing Address Line 2

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