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What are the steps to submit an Annual Report Electronically (3540-16)?

  1. Log into CDX (, click on the hyperlink “Primary Authorized Official” or “Agent”
  2. From SSTS Home Screen
  3. Click Form 3540-16 in upper left-hand corner
  4. Click “List” from drop down bar
  5. Choose and Click which establishment you would like to submit a 3540-16 form
  6. Each new reporting year you will be required to create a new passphrase. You may use the same passphrase each year.  This will help maintain access to past reports.
  7. DO NOT FORGET YOUR PASSPHRASE! Passphrase is different than your password and CANNOT be reset by anyone including EPA.
  8. Fill out Establishment information
  9. If entering new products be sure to click “Save New Product and Update Form 16”
  10. Click “Save and Update”
  11. If your company has more than one establishment repeat steps 2 – 10
  12. Establishments that have a Green circle and say “Ready to Submit to EPA” in Form Status column can be submitted to EPA by clicking “Submit “Ready” Forms” box
  13. Complete Cross-Media Electronic Reporting Regulations (CROMERR) Submission process


For more detailed instructions see Submit Annual Production Reports Electronically

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