Frequent Questions

How do I register to use CDX?

  1. Go to to Register
  2. Click Register with CDX
  3. Accept Terms and Conditions
  4. Enter “SSTS” in the search box
  5. Click “SSTS: Section Seven Tracking System”
  6. Select your role (description of roles)
  7. Click “Request Role Access”
  8. Enter Company Number and Click “Next”
    **If company address is incorrect you will be able to update the information on the next screen (for Primary Authorized Officials and Authorized Agent Only) **
  9. Confirm Company Information and Click “Next”
  10. Enter User Information (Enter primary e-mail address, this will be EPA’s primary means of contact with your establishment!)
  11. A successful Registration will display a confirmation number (you should keep this number for your records)
  12. Check email and re-log in and complete Electronic Signature Agreement (ESA)
  1. The Regional Pesticide Establishment Coordinator will review and activate your role and you may begin reporting (Contact your Regional Coordinator if you are not approved in 5 business days)
  2. Log back into CDX, click on the hyperlink “Primary Authorized Official” or “Agent” to access the reporting tool

 For more detailed instructions see Registering for CDX

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